Change Leadership Network

As a foundation for developing a Change Leadership Network, our approach incorporates principles that help your workforce adopt new changes with energy and commitment.

  • Make Connections: Identify and involve employees and stakeholders, at all levels, who have the relevant knowledge and capabilities to participate in the change initiative. Think beyond your internal resources and consider all of the sourcing and supply chain resources that should be included in the end-to-end service delivery.
  • Ongoing Engagement: Drive engagement by creating events and activities that continue to engage all members of the network. The level of activity within the network also generates the organization’s ability to sustain change on a regular basis.
  • Recognize Employee Value: Leverage the knowledge and experience of each individual in the network to create an environment where network members are encouraged to make value-added contributions.
  • Build Competencies: Share information openly within and outside the network. Create a collaborative culture that allows teams to think creatively and try new ideas. Innovation is a key driver in the New World of Work.

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