Transition & Impacts

As a foundation for developing a Transition and Impacts Analysis, our approach incorporates principles that help your workforce adopt new changes with energy and commitment.

  • It’s Personal. The impacts of change can be very personal and affect day-to-day behaviors, which collectively can have a significant effect on the success of an initiative. Solutions should be personal.
  • Change Does Not Equal Impact. Detail changes must be translated and converted to impacts on an organization, a process, a person or a group of people.
  • Activities Match Impacts. Each impact must be reviewed in detail and assigned a series of activities and tasks to specifically address the impact.
  • 360 View. The determination of impacts requires feedback from multiple points of view when assessing a change. The same change may be perceived as “positive” from one side, while perceived as “negative” from another point of view. Impacts must incorporate both viewpoints.

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