There’s Change at Work.

We are living in the age of disruption, in an era of ideas and innovation, ushered in by a convergence of technologies, globalization, demographics, an accelerated pace of change and the changing nature of change itself.

Adaptation helps companies anticipate and adapt to change of all kinds in the Workforce. Disruptive change can transform a company, or an entire industry, in any number of ways. We are here to make sure you protect and maximize your investment through our proven, sustainable and holistic approach to change management.

What We Believe

Change is Disruptive and Revolutionary

Organizational change management must be embedded into a company’s cultural DNA, which is at the very core of its philosophies and operations. Transformation that successfully guided companies through disruption in the Industrial and Information Ages may not be strong enough to weather the fierce forces at work in the Age of Ideas. Even organizations that were once immune to highly disruptive change may discover barriers they never knew existed.

What We Can Do

Adaptation’s end-to-end organizational change management consulting solutions leverage:

  • Vision of the Future of Work. We help you to visualize the new world of work and add these dynamics into a corporate change strategy.
  • A Proven Methodology. The ADAPT Method® been used to implement large-scale change management solutions worldwide in over 80 countries and to more than 75,000 workforce members.
  • Industry-Specific Knowledge. We have worked with Fortune 500 and other large organizations to develop, deploy and deliver complex change management solutions.
  • A People-Oriented Perspective. We take the perspective of the people who are members of your workforce and business communities.
  • Business Acumen. Our consultants have the depth and breadth of experience needed to transition to the New World of Work. They are thought leaders in business transformation with professional experience in all corporate support functions: Human Capital Management, Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Information Technology, Legal, Enterprise Services, Corporate Communications, Facilities and Shared Services.
  • Technology Expertise. Our consultants come from a project-oriented environment that includes a solid understanding of systems implementation and deployment. The ADAPT Method® has been developed using a project life-cycle orientation to easily integrate with a technology implementation program.

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