Program Management & Planning

As a foundation for developing a Program Management and Planning Program, our approach incorporates principles that help your workforce adopt new changes with energy and commitment.

  • Appropriate Positioning within the Governance Structure: Visibility to the executive-level committee structures is extremely important if the change management program will be viewed as a “strategic” element of the overall program. Key information that provides decision making support related to stakeholder readiness is an important indicator of success and should be shared at the appropriate level within the organization.
  • Leverage Executive Sponsors: Executive-level support is essential to project awareness and acceptance by the stakeholders. Executive and other sponsors will be valuable spokespeople for the initiative.
  • Integrate Workstreams: The PMO/CMO is one of the mechanisms used to integrate workstreams and manage dependencies between each workstream. The PMO/CMO sets the cadence for the program and creates an environment where each workstream connects with other related projects to understand resource needs, related tasks, dependencies and risks.
  • Proactive Response: The PMO/CMO must be proactive in its response to issues, resources, risks, mitigation, budget, plans, etc.

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