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Change is Changing: The Future is Different This Time

It’s easy to put off the future until tomorrow. Heck, for many companies, waiting is a part of their strategy. These are industry followers who consciously sit back and watch their competitors implement new technologies and operations. They don’t want to be on the “bleeding edge,” or so far out in front of the leading edge that they make mistakes.

Late adopters choose to learn from the mistakes of the early adopters. They come around and implement change only after new ways have been proved successful. This may sound reasonable. Yet, the problem is, they are operating within a small window of opportunity. In today’s fast-moving economy, there’s a fine line between late to the game and out of the game.

The reluctance to try new things was built into a culture of “Let’s wait” and bank the money in the meantime. While that was a successful strategy for the last century, the nature of change is now quite different.

If you wait to adopt, you may not have the chance to catch up. What’s the solution? Keeping a step ahead of faster, better, newer, more advanced technologies, and hoping your competitors are a step behind?

We don’t believe so. In the age of digital reinvention, companies must recognize that cultural change is the real driver, and that is so much harder to bring about.

The future is waiting. Change is changing. Are you?

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