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Celebrating Women’s History Month

AMC Networks Features Allyson Gilbert in a Supplier Spotlight

We are proud to announce that ADAPTATION Founder and CEO Allyson Gilbert was recognized during Women's History Month by AMC Networks in the following Supplier Spotlight:


ADAPTATION has over 20 years of experience helping companies with business transformation and organization transition. Adaptation is here to help company leadership and their workforce navigate through change to accelerate and smooth the adoption of new ways of working.

Competitive Advantage:

We realize that the World of Work is changing and that the long-established norms will no longer be the key to success. Instead, companies will need to adapt to a changing playing field with new rules for business and staff. We focus on people and provide strategic solutions that enable the workforce to absorb the disruption of change, maneuver through obstacles and successfully adapt to change.

Current Clients:

AMC Networks, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Bain Consulting, TransCore, Community Veterinary Partners

ADAPTATION provided a holistic organizational change program to help AMC Networks migrate to a digital media supply chain. The digital supply chain required a new technology infrastructure and modified business processes to support both broadcast and streaming services. Our role was to focus on the people who would be affected by this shift in operations. This included developing and implementing strategic plans for changes to the organization structure, employee roles and responsibilities, training, communications and overall organizational change activities.

Who or what inspired you to create your businesses?

As a mother of two sons, I wanted to be able to be a role model for them as a working mom. I felt it was important to show the boys how women can succeed as mothers who participate in their daily life, as well as show them that women can have a successful career as an entrepreneur. This was important to me as they were growing up and is equally important for them as they become parents themselves.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

It is a celebration of the contributions of women in our society. Women’s History Month creates awareness about the things that women have been able to accomplish that have changed the course of history and impacted lives.

How do you celebrate and amplify women’s history and culture in your business or personally?

We celebrate women’s history and culture by supporting and mentoring other young women who are starting their careers. We help to guide new mothers about how they can continue their careers and also have a rewarding personal life. Many times, our guidance leads to decisions for these young women to create their own businesses and define their destinies.

Fun Fact:

There was a time when women who worked in conservative companies were required to wear dresses or skirted suits with hosiery-no slacks and no bare legs, rain, snow or shine!

Contact: Allyson Gilbert, CEO ( / 732-241-7410)

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